We were building an entirely new building from the ground up and were going to be merging two offices into one.  We were also including an onsite data room so that we could eventually move all of our servers into our own offices and eliminate the co-lo that houses them.  I currently have a staff of 4, and the thought of wiring this building, getting it to code, even organizing the project was a bit overwhelming.

Premier Communications laid out their plan, went over the details and communicated with us every step of the way through the project.  They kept to their time table, the wiring has been top notch with no problems.  Our racks fit exactly in the data room as they laid out and we have not had to call them back to fix a single thing.  Everyone that works for Premier was easy to talk to, very helpful and always pleasant.  They left us with very detailed diagrams and a book that lays out all of the information that we could possibly need.  I am already planning on using them again for our next building!