New Capabilities And Offerings From Premier

TYPE-Q101HIRESAt Premier Communications we are always researching new technology and ways to offer our clients the best possible product. We have done extensive research on our options, and have found that the next step that we need to take is offering core alignment fusion splicing to our services. The low budget loss of fusion splicing is far superior to field polishing, cam style, epoxy, or hot melt termination methods. Lower loss in fiber is being required by more and more clients as the need for higher bandwidth is driving these requirements. Premier has decided to purchase a Sumitomo Quantum Type-Q101-CA Core Alignment Fusion splicing. This is a brand new product from Sumitomo Electric which features the newest advancements and features available on fusion splicers. This is the top rated fusion splicer available on the market. We are excited to implement this new piece of equipment to offer better more reliable solutions for our clients.