Alarm Monitoring Center: The secure, Underwriters Laboratory approved facility where your alarm signals are sent and where alarm monitors make voice notifications to Subscribers, Authorities and Party Call Members.

Alarm Monitoring Center Passcode: Your Service Department establishes this for you and it is needed to cancel alarms, request account information or place your account on test.

Alarm System Users: People who are Subscribers or Party Call Members as well as anyone else who will Arm/ Disarm the system.

Arm/Disarm: Alarm System Users need a Keypad Passcode to arm/enable or disarm/disable the system.

History: Every signal received and every action taken in relation to your account is logged into a history report that is accessible at

Keypad: Often located near entrances, the Keypad is the device from which you can arm/disarm the system and cancel alarm signals.

Keypad Passcode: Your Service Department establishes this for you and it is needed to interact with the Keypad.

Party Call Members: The Party Call Members are for secondary notification purposes of an alarm event and will not be as timely as a Subscriber notification. Party Call Members may cancel a signal if they know it will be a false alarm, but they must ask to do so and provide a valid Alarm Monitoring Center Passcode.

Place Accounts on Test: When you Place an Account on Test, it means that the Monitoring Center receives the alarm signals but does not act on the signals. To place an account on test, you must do so via the UrSecure portal/app or by calling the Alarm Monitoring Center with your Account Number and Alarm Monitoring Center Passcode.

Service Department: Your local installation company. Your Service Department is who to contact should you need service or maintenance.

Stress Code: This is a code that you provide to the Alarm Monitoring Center as an inconspicuous way to request help while “canceling” an alarm signal.

Subscribers: A Subscriber is considered a property owner or person(s) responsible for the property who has the authority to verify the validity of an alarm and is authorized to provide an Alarm Monitoring Center Passcode to cancel an alarm. There can be more than one person/entity listed as a Subscriber on an account. This is both a web-based portal and an app, which allows Subscribers to view and alter Open/Close Schedules, update Contact Lists, Place Accounts on Test, review account History, make temporary changes and request permanent changes. UrSecure also gives you the ability to access information for each of your accounts, if you have multiple, with a single login.