Do I have to have monitoring for my system?
If you have a fire alarm system, you must have off-site monitoring except under special circumstances. Your Premier Communications Project Manager can go over those special circumstances with you. If you have a security system, off-site monitoring is optional.

How much does monitoring cost?
Each system is different depending on the size of the system and monitoring needed. We keep our monthly fee low for our customers. Your Premier Communications Project Manager can give you a personalized quote for your system(s).

What is included with our off-site monitoring fee?
For a low monthly fee our off-site monitoring company will provide around the clock service to ensure any alarm triggered on your fire or security panel is addressed. See “What is the process when an alarm is triggered” for more information.

When is the fee for monitoring billed?
Fees are billed semi-annually (every 6 months)

How do I change “Party Call Members” listed on my account?
To change the people, contact numbers, or call order for your Party Call Members, you can go online to and log into your account or call 1-800-877-3624.

How many people can I list as “Party Call Members”?
You can list up to 5 people on your Party Call Members List. They will be contacted in the order they are listed on your account.

How do I sign up for service?
Click HERE to start your service.

How do I cancel my service?
Click HERE to cancel your service.

How can I access my account online?
To access your account online you can click HERE or go to

What is the process when an alarm is triggered?
When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring company will call the account Subscriber(s) in the order they are listed. If a Subscriber cannot be reached, the monitoring company will begin calling the people listed on the “Party Call Members” list in the order they are listed. Individuals will be called until someone can be reached that provides a valid Alarm Monitoring Center Passcode. Once the Alarm Monitoring Center Passcode has been given, the individual may cancel the signal if they know it to be a false alarm.