We had Premier Communications install and organize all new network cables for our practice. The job was done very professionally with minimal interruption in our work flow. During the process they were always very prompt at addressing any issues we had and resolving them as well. They worked on Saturday and evenings when necessary to get things done without disrupting normal business. I would highly recommend Premier Communications, and will call them again when I install a new security system.

St Joe Vision


Premier Communications has worked with Orthopaedics Northeast for many of our expansions and remodels in our facilities. Their crew has always been top notch and very professional in working in a medical facility with patients throughout.  Their workmanship and quality go beyond excellent.  In some of our facilities we have older parts of our buildings that can at times really make you stretch your imagination as to how we can upgrade or add higher data drops;  Premier Communications has successfully made this work for us without any stress on our part as the costumer.  Their crew is clean and tidy while working and when finished with the task in our building, it is left clean.   Michael is always conscious for our jobs where budgeting is of concern.  He has at times come up with some pretty innovative ways to accomplish the data work we wish, by keeping well under our budget.  Michael’s quality of workmanship and professionalism is very evident in his work and this quality filtrates down the line to his crew. Orthopaedics Northeast values our relationship with Premier Communications for our future communication and data needs.

Facility Manager Supervisor
Orthopaedic Northeast (ONE)


We were building an entirely new building from the ground up and were going to be merging two offices into one.  We were also including an onsite data room so that we could eventually move all of our servers into our own offices and eliminate the co-lo that houses them.  I currently have a staff of 4, and the thought of wiring this building, getting it to code, even organizing the project was a bit overwhelming.  Premier Communications laid out their plan, went over the details and communicated with us every step of the way through the project.  They kept to their time table, the wiring has been top notch with no problems.  Our racks fit exactly in the data room as they laid out and we have not had to call them back to fix a single thing.  Everyone that works for Premier was easy to talk to, very helpful and always pleasant.  They left us with very detailed diagrams and a book that lays out all of the information that we could possibly need.  I am already planning on using them again for our next building!

IT Director
Womens Health Advantage


I have used Premier Communications for numerous projects over the last several years. We have replaced our main plant transformer, installed security card reader systems, balanced our PA sound system levels and developed unique camera inspection and surveillance systems.  Each project is professionally managed, completed in a timely fashion and within budget.  The thing I like best, is follow-up service and support.  For ongoing success, I’ve come to rely upon Premier Communications.

Engineering Manager
TI Automotive


Premier Communications is a company we worked with to install a recent security system.  We were looking for the most current technology that would offer us years of coverage for our business.  The project manager that we worked with was very knowledgeable of the options available and was prompt with information to keep the project moving forward.  Everyone we were in contact with was easy to do business with – friendly and pleasant.  They provided good service and quick response times.

Morning Star Convenience Store

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